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Credit Where Credit is Due

Update Below

Christmas arrived a month early courtesy of a Freedom of Information Act response from the Georgia Department of Agriculture. Thirty-five pages of detailed reports written by senior staff and 400 megs of photographs that I haven’t yet made easily accessible online but which will be up soon.

Connecting the information in the reports to other information in a logical, linear manner will take some time. I decided the information is sufficiently important, however, that immediate public access is necessary.

A “stop order” was issued for GARD on August 17th due to the following violations of the Georgia Animal Protection Act:

  1. Drainage [40-13-13-04 (1) (b)]
  2. Housekeeping [40-13-13-04(1) (c )]
  3. Structural Strength [40-13-13 -04 (1) (o)]
  4. Sanitation [40-13-13-.04(1)(i)]

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

Kudos to Georgia Department of Agriculture Inspector General Gary Kelley, Deputy Director Jason Smith and Inspector Joey Brooks for traveling to GARD’s property and demanding access for two thorough inspections despite Joy Bohannon’s efforts to elude scrutiny. At least a couple of these individuals had to drive from the Atlanta area and to arrive at GARD by 10 am, departure at 6:30 am was likely.

Thank you Misters Kelley, Smith and Brooks for your continuing efforts on these animals’ behalf.

Update 12/01/2020

After reviewing the initially sent reported I noted a couple of missing reports and asked about those documents. In the response I learned three important bits of information:

  1. The Stop Order was lifted November 20, 2020,
  2. GARD cannot have more than 75 animals at any one time, and
  3. Either GARD voluntarily reported one of several mandated Reportable Diseases to the Georgia Department of Agriculture or more likely, the October re-inspection uncovered sick animals on GARD’s property.

The mandated Reportable Animal Diseases are:

My money is on Canine Parvovirus. I’ve heard several ugly stories about GARD and Parvo, and given the conditions documented by Georgia Department of Agriculture inspectors on August 11th I am certain Parvo is endemic on GARD’s property.

So we have cut GARD’s cash cow by more than half. Not bad for six months’ work.

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  • B.G. Goble

    Thank you for all the information you have revealed on G.A.R.D. I have been warned many times this rescue was disreputable, so good to see them exposed. Kudo’s to Inspector General Gary Kelley, & his team for doing what should have been done years ago. In my opinion the regular GDOA inspectors who give a pass on their inspections should be fired or better trained, as it is obvious they can’t see, count, or smell.

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