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Low Hanging Fruit

It’s Thanksgiving Eve and I haven’t time to get into the details of the Georgia Department of Agriculture’s investigation into and reports on GARD. That said, there are some obvious observations that don’t require much more than logic and a decent memory.

GARD Investigation Documents, page 3 paragraph 2:

Upon arrival, the four us dawned facemasks and the proper ppe. Inspector General Kelley spoke with an employee named Larry Hinkley at the front gate. Larry called owner/operator, Joy Bohannon. Joy then met with the four of us at the front gate. Gary and Joey explained to her the reason for our inspection of her facility today. Joy stated she felt this had become harassment from the groups complaining against her. She explained her attorney, Steve Nash, had taken out a cease & desist order against the accusing organizations. Per request of Gary, Joy called her attorney. Gary explained to Mr. Nash the reason for our inspection of the G.A.R.D. facility. Mr. Nash and Joy then spoke on the phone and we were permitted to perform the inspection.

Since when does a “cease and desist” chain letter equal an “order” that inspectors for the State of Georgia must obey? I’d have paid a substantial sum to have seen the inspectors’ expressions upon hearing that tripe. Can you imagine what Bohannon’s lawyer thought?

For the umpteenth time, Joy Bohannon hasn’t a clue who we are. We certainly are not an “organization” of any sort though we’ve decided to christen ourselves ONYA in honor of Bohannon’s repeated assertions.

Perhaps using single syllable words will accommodate Bohannon’s reading comprehension:

You don’t know us!

Continuing from the report, page 4 paragraph 5:

During the inspection, I asked Joy how many dogs were on premise. She told me, “126 dogs ages 6 months and up.” Inspector General Gary Kelley kept count during the inspection. He later told me and Inspector Brooks that his total county (sic) equaled 190 dogs.

So either Bohannon doesn’t know how many dogs she’s responsible for or she lied to the inspectors, not realizing that Inspector General Kelley was counting the dogs. Whether dishonesty or incompetence, it’s inexcusable.

On page 26 paragraph 3:

Inspector Brooks asked Joy about the adopting out of unaltered animals. Joy explained that the animals belonging to her rescue are sexually altered before leaving the possession of GARD: either to the new owner or transfer agency. Joy stated that new adopters cannot be trusted to have their new pet altered after adoption, nor does she have the time or staff to perform follow-up checks for this. So, animals are altered before leaving GARD.

I’ve already detailed my friend’s purchase of an unaltered dog from GARD. This photo, taken during the August 17th inspection, made me laugh aloud.

Photo taken during GARD inspection 8/17/2020

This could be normal canine dominance behavior but examine the dogs closely. The dog with all fours on the floor is a female (note her teats) and the mounted dog appears to be a male. Not definitive proof that these dogs were mating but it’s certainly possible. Based on what many people have told me, I’d say the odds are better than even.

I could go on but Thanksgiving preparations won’t wait. More later.

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