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Three Card Monte

On July 29, 2020 an attorney named Bruce Sobel in Columbus, NJ wrote the following:

On August 10, 2020 Steve Janel filed the following in a NJ court:

On September 3, 2020 GARD told the Georgia Department of Agriculture:

There has been some question of the records (CVI’s and incoming/outgoing) involving the Love to Live organization in New Jersey. Per review of records and discussion with Vickie, during the inspection, it was discovered that there has been confusion about Love to Live and the record keeping regarding the transfer of animals to this organization. In a later discussion with Joy, she explained that Love to Live is a foster based rescue that GARD does make some agency to agency transfers with. GARD transports these transfer animals to Love to Live. Love to Live does not enter the State of Ga to pick up these animals and therefore, does not require that GDA Out-of-State Shelter license. However, GARD also performs online adoption of animals (the adoptions to a new owner is completed online). GARD also transports the adopted animals to Love to Live but, only for pickup by the new adopter, upon arrival. The animal is then received by the new family. Kim Janel of Love to Live assists GARD by emailing or faxing a confirmation of receipt to GARD. The confusion comes in because GARD transports these animals together as it is more cost effective. Per Vickie, the adopted animals are shown as transfers in the records as well as they were “transferred” to Love to Live. However, adopted animals are adoptions to the new owner and not a transfer to another organization, regardless if the adopted animals are taken to the location for pick up by the new owner. I have clarified this with Joy and Vickie.

GDA Investigation Reports page 27

We know for a fact that Love to Live Animal Rescue IS Georgia Animal Rescue and Defence Inc. yet GARD talks like Love to Live is a wholly separate entity and names Kim Janel as THE person for Love to Live. No one interprets “Jane Doe of Xyz” to mean “Jane Doe who does some small work for Xyz but hasn’t any authority or responsibility for Xyz’s activities.”

So which is it? Is Janel not involved at all, only kind of involved sometimes or the acting manager of GARD’s New Jersey branch, aka Love to Live Animal Rescue in Ringoes NJ?

The truth can’t be all three simultaneously.

Incidentally, Joy Bohannon and Kim Janel may have inadvertently offered the answer on—what else?—a Facebook post dated June 6, 2020.

The dramatis personae for this lot is getting more convoluted by the hour.

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