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The Cesspool From Ground Level

When the Georgia Department of Agriculture senior officials inspected GARD’s property at 100 Dichoric Dragon Drive in Pembroke they photographed The Cesspool from the ground level.

8/17/2020 by Georgia Department of Agriculture inspector

The Cesspool from above:

Just to reiterate what I’ve already written:

I learned later that the unidentified stench comes from a small pond into which GARD has been pumping dog feces, food and God knows what else for more than a decade. The “kennel” drains
feed into a main pipeline powered by an electric pump which empties the contents directly into the open pond.

On August 17, 2020 @ 12:53 pm the temperature in Savannah (the nearest weather station to GARD’s property) was 93°F with winds from the northeast at 9 mph. I wish I could communicate the utter foulness of The Cesspool’s miasma from the gate. We weren’t nearly as close as whoever took this photo and I nearly lost my stomach.

Here’s hoping the Agriculture personnel reported The Cesspool to the appropriate state authorities. Someone needs to do something about that hazardous waste zone.

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