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Conspicuous Absences & Sudden Changes

On July 23rd 2020 Beth Miller performed a “surprise” inspection at GARD. Bohannon was so pleased she posted the report to GARD’s Facebook page.

On August 11th 2020 Beth Miller returned to GARD in the company of the Georgia Department of Agriculture’s Inspector General and Deputy Director, as well as another inspector.

In nineteen days GARD went from Pass to Fail on Housekeeping, Structural Strength, Drainage and Sanitation criteria.

Barring a natural disaster structural strength, drainage and sanitation don’t deteriorate fast enough to explain Beth Miller’s passing grade 456 hours prior to Inspector Joey Brooks failing GARD on the status of their facility. And don’t get me started on the housekeeping score.

Beth Miller didn’t have much to say in the reports written during the investigation. Here’s hoping Miller’s on-the-ground training made a lasting impression.

Dianna Sellers-Sikes is conspicuously absent from the investigation reports. One wonders why. . ..

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