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Adding Vickie Crewe Buck to the List

As of this past Tuesday Ms. Buck is firmly lashed to GARD’s mast and has taken at least partial responsibility for the conditions at GARD. Of course, it’s in a Facebook post.

So according to her own words, Vickie Buck has been deeply involved with GARD for fifteen years. Based on the Georgia Department of Agriculture reports, she’s sufficiently deep into GARD’s operations that Joy Bohannon left the inspectors with Vickie while Joy went off to do something else. Vickie accepts calls and inquiries from Georgia Department of Agriculture inspectors on Joy’s behalf.

Since she’s now known to be chin deep in GARD I have a question for Ms. Buck:

Why have you allowed the insanity at 100 Dichoric Dragon Drive to continue for 15 YEARS?

The problems at GARD have nothing to do with the “fanciness” of the facilities. The problems at GARD have everything to do with the condition of the animals when they leave 100 Dichoric Dragon Drive. GARD has no excuse for the infestations, infections, lack of vetting and other misfeasance I’ve documented. None whatsoever.

Selling dogs to pet stores is yet another breach of basic animal rescue ethics. I know for a fact GARD sells dogs to at least one pet store in Pennsylvania. Justify that Ms. Buck.

Towards the end of this word spew, Ms. Buck claims GARD is in “good standing” with the Georgia Department of Agriculture. She might want to walk that one back given what we already know about the GA Agriculture Department’s investigations into GARD. Reportable diseases, filthy conditions, suspicious financials, missing licenses and IRS problems. . ..

Ms. Buck likes to argue on Facebook when GARD’s practices are criticized. Consider this post an open invitation for Ms. Buck to come on over and show me I’m wrong about Joy Bohannon and GARD.

I’m not holding my breath but who knows? It’s the Christmas season after all.

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  • Keturah Wylemski

    Well, I for one would relish the thought of Ms.Buck coming onto your forum and having a discourse with you concerning GARD.

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