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Bohannon Keeps Banker’s Hours

I’ve seen a lot of GARD-initiated lunacy the past several months but this blurb takes the cake.

September 3 2020 Inspection Report by Deputy Director Jason Smith

I spoke with Joy Bohannon by phone on September 4, 2020 at approximately 2pm and told her findings and the actions, listed in this report, that GDA is imposing on GARD.

She and I also discussed her daily schedule. Joy explained that work begins at 9am. Feeding and watering take place first. Cleaning of the facility is completed by 3pm. From 3-5pm rounds are made to take care any other needs the animals have. The workday is completed at 5pm but, she and her husband make rounds after 5pm to tend to the animal’s needs.

We did discuss that there may be some considerations she may need to make, such as if possible, beginning the workday earlier, or bringing on more staff. She told me there were 7 people working while this inspection was being conducted. I only counted 3. Joy stated that the staff stayed away from the area that was being inspected as to not interfere with us performing our duties, and therefore we did not see them all.

Consider: when this report was written one hundred fifty four animals were on GARD’s property and Bohannon behaves as though she has a 9-5/40 hour per week job.

Legitimate animal rescues don’t keep banker’s hours. You work until the work is done, not until the clock hits Happy Hour. How do I know? Been there, done that.

Once again we have the elusive employees that aren’t reported to the IRS, are regularly denied by GARD’s Facebook posts (they claim to be a “volunteer run” organization) yet are produced as a dodge for Bohannon’s abject failure to adequately care for the animals she obtains and sells.

Yet more evidence Bohannon/GARD isn’t the least bit interested in the animals’ welfare, only the bank account balance funded by those animals’ sale.

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