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Injured Puppy Cont: Same Event, Conflicting Versions

While perusing the Georgia Department of Agriculture’s (GDOA) Investigation Reports I came across yet another version of the Injured Puppy tale.

Remember that the GDOA issued a stop order prohibiting GARD from obtaining any animals until the order was lifted on November 20, 2020.

On September 6, 2020 GARD posted the first version of the Injured Puppy story with a comment that they not only had the Injured Puppy but were trying to get that pup’s litter mates.

Later in the comments someone by the name of Ivy Frace claims that “we” have the litter mates. I interpret “we” to mean GARD.

So GARD broke the stop order three times in one day. Huh.

When GDOA Inspector Joey Brooks asked about this puppy, Vickie Buck said:

“I received a complaint from the online submission in reference to an injured canine came into the possession of G.A.R.D. I spoke to Ms. Vicki Buck, She stated the canine did not come into G.A.R.D the canine went into foster and was being treated at McCrae Veterinary Clinic in Swainsboro Ga, . I advised her that even if the canine did not come into the rescue it would still shows as an intake. I advised that G.A.R.D is still under a stop order for incoming animals. She said the canine will be sent to a rescue that they were helping with the financial help. I contacted the McCrae Veterinary Clinic and confirmed the canine was still being treated. This complaint can be closed due to the canine receiving veterinarian care.”

So the September 6-9 2020 posts about GARD having the Injured Puppy at their facility and providing “medical care” was pure fiction.

Given the fact that GARD told the GDOA that the Injured Puppy was never at their facility, and the very real possibility that GARD never paid a dime toward that pup’s care, I think the $1,035 GARD took from Facebook users was fraudulent.

Or GARD lied to the Georgia Department of Agriculture, also a real possibility.

The Injured Puppy story has never made sense to me and this new twist makes it that much more absurd.

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  • Bonita Fisher

    The story of this dog never rang true to me. First of all in my opinion, if any dog ever came into a rescue’s possession with wounds that severe, they would have rushed to an emergency Vet immediately. All reputable rescues I have EVER known would not have let an animal suffer the extreme pain this poor pup had to be feeling to wait until the next day. The trip to several 24/7 Emergency Vet Clinic’s would take about a 30 min. trip from GARD! I also noted on public post by GARD depicting the staged pic of horrible wound, that pup was not on a sterile pad, or even a clean towel. Did they take the time before taking pic to solicit donations to care for the dog at all? Large open wound on pup laying on dirty bare floor scattered with dogfood, & another animal present was horrifying. How is it possible anyone could think the “best of care” was given this pup? Yet people keep giving accolades, & money daily without opening their eyes, or asking questions. I am one of those who respectfully asked a question once, but question wasn’t answered, & was promptly removed. I was also banned from commenting, & still am to this day. Two words…. RED FLAGS!!! Others should question her to see what she does to them, too.

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