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Don’t Mistake Silence for Surrender

The Freedom of Information Act is interpreted differently among government agencies but one would expect some basic standardization. Oops.

I know of a few active animal-related 501(c)3’s formed by Joy Bohannon and a couple others by her cohorts but I also suspect there are many I haven’t located. Clicking through the IRS website’s PDFs of submitted 501 documentation is both time consuming and mind numbing.

I thought an FOI request would eliminate that tedium. Come to find out, the employees can search only by organization name or EIN, both of which I don’t know.

Surely they index and search multiple fields in their databases, right? Wrong.



I can download gigs of 2020 990s for every IRS-recognized non-profit in the country but it’s all PDF files. I’m looking for a data extraction program to automate the process. Who has time to hand enter every field on hundreds of thousands of forms into a database? Though if all else fails I’ll do just that.

I told my friend taking Bohannon down would require months if not years. Creating that database by hand will add a lot of time to the process.

Meanwhile, GARD is trying to get around the GDOA’s 75 dog limit by transporting as many animals as possible up I-95 to new “foster homes” managed by “Love to Live Animal Rescue” in New Jersey. Guess who is managing the NJ end of that line?

And the money/donation scams keep coming. On January 3rd GARD posted:



Look closely. Puppy food is in that pile.

Ten days later they post:


Either Bohannon is the most inept financial manager in Georgia or the entire thing is a scam.


Update 01/27/2021

An IRS official left a voicemail. Perhaps there’s a way after all.

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