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They Aren’t Trying to Hide It

The Georgia Department of Agriculture put a 75-dog limit on GARD last summer because GARD won’t take proper care of more. Since that limit was placed, Bohannon has shifted as many animals as possible from Georgia to Love to Live’s newly located “fosters” in New Jersey. After all, NJ hasn’t put a limit on Bohannon. Yet. Working on it.


Better yet, they’re doing it in plain sight.


If anyone needs more evidence that Love to Live is nothing more than a smokescreen for GARD, compare these two posts. They don’t even use different photos.

GARD January 10 2020:

Love to Live January 18 2020:

Facebook has long been prime real estate for those scamming the unsuspecting. Law enforcement spent 30,000 hours¬† to take down scammer Steffen Baldwin, many of those hours going through Facebook posts and links.¬† Given the years Bohannon has been mistreating animals and making hundreds of thousands of dollars annually, I expect at least that many hours will be needed to stop her. I’ve started the time sheet but it’s going to be a while.

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