Georgia Animal Rescue & Defence Inc,  Joy Bohannon,  Sick animals from GARD

“But Wait, There’s More!”

Or less. However you look at it.

Remember the undocumented, unvetted, intact, sick dog we purchased for $100 that began this adventure? My friend was told the dog was male.

Guess what? The dog is female.

We’re convinced Bohannon and Company never laid hands on that dog. How else to explain GARD’s error? Short of complete and utter incompetence, failure to give this dog any kind of attention is the only explanation.

Idiots or evil? Hard to say which I’d prefer.


I didn’t correct the pronoun usage in the linked post.  My friend was concerned Bohannon might attempt to get the dog back in order to breed her. In the months since that post was written, my friend is no longer concerned about Bohannon. GARD can’t prove that dog was ever in their possession so Bohannon can’t try anything. But we can prove from whence the dog came. Video is a wonderful thing.

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