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The sudden explosion of GARD Facebook posts about a woman named Fonda Bray is prompting some serious laughter. I have dozens of approaches from which to choose but I’ll keep it high level for now.

I was immediately curious why Joy Bohannon suddenly started blasting this woman on Facebook. Legal issues came immediately to mind so I went to the Bryant County, Georgia Court Docket website to see if something legal is happening. Lo and behold, a lawsuit on behalf of Fonda Bray against GARD and Joy Bohannon was filed December 9, 2020. The case number is SUV2020000497 if you’d like to look it up.

A PDF of the suit hasn’t yet been uploaded to the court’s website but I’m watching. I look forward to reading the specifics.

The posts overflow with absurdities and contradictions. Bohannon took possession of Bray’s dogs mid June 2020. Bohannon claims one of Bray’s dogs had a spring embedded in its gums.

First, there’s no evidence that dog came from Bray and I don’t trust a word out of Bohannon’s mouth much less fingertips. Second, there’s no evidence the foreign object was in the dog when it arrived at GARD.

Third and most importantly, the original post regarding this dog was created August 6, 2020. Bohannon says the dog that arrived at GARD in mid June had veterinary care for the foreign object on August 6th. So by her own admission Bohannon waited SIX WEEKS to get this dog necessary veterinary care.


To add more hilarity, Bohannon rants about GDOA forcing breeders to provide adequate veterinary care when Bohannon herself fails miserably on that same metric. Who does Bohannon think she’s kidding? Legitimate rescues don’t wait MONTHS to provide incoming animals veterinary care, especially when an animal is in physical distress. Surely a dog in that condition was in distress. Right?

Speaking of which, in the comments Bohannon says:


According to Bohannon the abhorrent conditions at GARD are acceptable but conditions elsewhere–unspecified conditions to boot–are grounds for state closure. The logical contradictions are headache inducing.

The juvenile rant about what kind of car one drives is too ridiculous to bother with, other than to note that Bohannon drives a very expensive truck paid for with dogs she’s sold all over the eastern seaboard and has purchased acreage using the same funds. <insert eye roll here>

Poor GDOA Inspector General Kelley might have to change his phone number after Bohannon’s demand that others call him to complain. About what I’m not sure since her writing skills leave much to be desired but I guess she wants people to insist that the GDOA scrutiny of GARD cease in favor of scrutiny of breeders. I know for a fact Bohannon doesn’t want breeders shut down. She brings in a lot of money selling dogs given her by breeders and Bohannon does not want her income reduced more than it already has been.


The pending litigation against GARD and Bohannon has to be the impetus for these angst-ridden adolescent posts. I can’t wait to read exactly what that litigation entails. I’ll post it as soon as it’s uploaded to the court website.











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