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Vickie Crewe Buck: 74 Animal Cruelty Charges

That Murphy guy, the one with all the laws? He’s definitely getting on my nerves!  Murphy’s Law #175: when the goal is moved forward by a LOT, you’ll be up to your eyeballs in family crisis alligators.


The good news is that the goal of shutting GARD down took a great leap forward with the announcement from the Candler County GA Sheriff’s Office that Vickie Crewe Buck, the woman Joy Bohannon uses to manage Georgia Department of Agriculture inspections and communications, has 74 arrest warrants issued in Candler County, Georgia for animal cruelty.

Recall that Vickie Crewe Buck is the individual tasked by GARD master Joy Bohannon with handling inquiries from the Georgia Department of Agriculture. Bohannon trusts Buck enough to leave the premises after handing GDOA inspectors over to Buck, as well as having Buck respond to critical issues like GARD’s breaking of the GDOA-imposed stop order.


By her own public admission, Buck has been associated with GARD for fifteen years.

In light of Buck’s involvement in the GDOA’s investigation of GARD I doubt Buck is simply a volunteer or casual acquaintance. No one with half a brain cell would leave a casual acquaintance or volunteer to deal with officials from the state’s licensing agency yet that’s precisely what Bohannon did when GDOA Inspector General Gary Kelley, Deputy Director Jason Smith and Inspector Joey Brooks arrived at 100 Dichoric Dragon Drive on  August 11 2020 for re-inspection and records review (page 27).



The woman on whom Bohannon relies for official business has just been charged with 74 counts of animal cruelty. What does that say about GARD and Bohannon?


Nothing good for the animals in either location.


  • Mike Thompson

    It is nothing less than despicable for what these women have been doing to animals for all these years. It is very clear they use animals for profit. Mr. Kelly from Georgia Dept. Of Agriculture should have them shut down.

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