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GARD Remains a Disease Factory

I habitually request documentation from the Georgia Department of Agriculture on GARD but have been unable to get any reports created since October 2020. GDOA responds to FOI requests with notification that the reports are unavailable due to reportable disease information contained in the reports. The same occurred in August 2020.

Exactly what is going on at GARD and why can’t Bohannon manage 75 dogs without exposing them to disease agents? Rhetorical questions since I’m certain I have the answers.

Note the dates of the emails below.



My money remains on Parvo though after standing in the middle of that pit, anything is possible including more than one reportable disease issue.

The animals removed from Vicki Crewe Buck’s property because of cruelty charges went to a “licensed rescue” that has a perpetual disease problem. What could go wrong?

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