Candler Co woman arrested on animal cruelty charges-1 from Casey Anselm on Vimeo.

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“Orange is the New Black” (EL insisted)

Just in case WTOC cycles video clips off its servers, I’ve captured the segment for evidentiary value. No infringement on WTOC is intended.

Several people in the Savannah area have contacted me with details about the Vickie Crewe Buck situation and though I believe their information, I cannot independently verify the specifics. They tell me that earlier today, WTOC11 displayed a crawler during the news segment asking anyone who saw Buck to contact the police. The only reason to do that is because the arresting deputies couldn’t locate Buck. Hmmmmm. Wonder why?

At any rate, Buck “surrendered” to the sheriff’s department for 74 charges of animal cruelty this afternoon. She made bail, or bond, whatever. I admit the image makes me smile.

The county sheriff was featured on the news station broadcast. He said, “the owner surrendered the animals to a rescue group from a nearby county.”  I hear the “licensed rescue group” is actually GARD.

If that information is accurate, and I have no reason to believe it isn’t, GARD completely ignored the Georgia Department of Agriculture’s 75-dog limit yesterday. Given the conditions at GARD, that’s a frying pan and fire scenario for the animals.

Vicki, or Vickie as I’ve also seen it spelled, is Joy Bohannon’s go-to for official business. Vicki asked Joy to take the animals. Isn’t that an interesting sequence of events?

I hope Vicki Crewe Buck rolls like an avalanche on Joy Bohannon.


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