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Vicki Crewe Buck Guilty Confession

Vicki Crewe Buck’s criminal attorney won’t be happy about her Facebook guilty confession to 74 counts of animal cruelty. I’m sure the attorney will soon insist that the post be removed so it’s here for the duration.

Since it’s another word spew (hasn’t she ever heard of formatting?) the actual confession is isolated for easy viewing:



Life happens to everyone but in this case I am skeptical. Buck’s veracity is compromised by her GARD activities. If her life became that unmanageable, why has she been running interference with GDOA on Joy Bohannon’s behalf? Oughtn’t that time been spent, oh, cleaning the animals’ cages?

Speaking of which, I did some rough math on the claim that all 74 animals are vetted, etc. That’s 1.4 vet visits per week, every week of the year. I’m not certain of the going rate for wellness and vaccination visits in Metter but let’s use $150 per visit for an annual total of $11,100 per year.

Don’t get me started on food.

Most intriguing, the images on the television report show small wire kennels which, according to everything I’ve seen and heard, is where the animals were kept. How, pray tell, does one person adequately exercise 46 dogs? More likely the dogs spent the entirety of their lives in those small wire cages. Those animals’ quality of life left much to be desired.

Buck’s Facebook icon says, “Your humanity died the moment you abandoned me. . ….” I’d add “or abused me” before the ellipsis. I wonder what Vicki Crewe Buck saw in the mirror this morning.

In the ten minutes I’ve been writing, Buck removed the confession from her Facebook page. Glad I caught the confession post and URL before the CYA operation resumed.


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