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I don’t ordinarily nitpick typos but this one is far too Freudian to pass up.

In addition to the sick dog my friend purchased from GARD, numerous people have told me their newly purchased dogs were sick with Kennel Cough or pneumonia caused by persistent Kennel Cough.

I’ve not seen GARD specify Kennel Cough as a vaccine given to any dog until today.

Um, it’s Bordetella, not Bordatello.

The image taken by GDOA inspectors during their August 17, 2020 inspection came immediately to mind. I confess, I snickered.

GDOA Inspection Photographs 8/17/2020

Perhaps we’re getting somewhere if Bohannon is finally providing these dogs ALL of the vaccinations they need rather than the bare minimum, if that. Presuming the post is factual of course, which is not necessarily a safe presumption.

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