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Transportation Hell

I recently made a long distance road trip with my dog. All told, we covered almost 3,300 miles in two trips of 38 hours per trip.

While driving to and from our destination I pondered the plight of the animals caught in GARD’s transport scheme. My dog is over ten years old and has lived with me since weaning. Despite our lifelong relationship the trip stressed her out, requiring breaks every two to three hours for water, elimination and walking. Each break lasted at least ten minutes and we stopped midway for several hours.

The animals tossed onto cargo vans and sent up the East Coast aren’t given a fraction of the consideration my dog received during our trip. Those animals are in small cages, not on a tether with a soft back seat to lie on, and do not step foot out of the cargo van until they reach their destination. Unlike my dog, those animals aren’t with a human they know and trust so their stress levels must be extreme. I can’t imagine the terror and filth those dogs endure for 12-24 hours. Nor can I imagine putting a dog through that kind of stress for the express purpose of making more money than I’d get selling them locally.

I don’t understand why anyone believes they’re doing these animals a favor when they knowingly pay for a dog to be moved in this fashion. Perhaps those people don’t realize what they’re actually doing to the animals?

PS: I checked with my veterinarian regarding USDA regulations prior to departure. Because my dog is MINE and was not being transported for sale or slaughter I didn’t need a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection to cross state lines.

NOTE: I’ve received another particularly delicious document dump and will be posting documents and comments over the next few days. Stay tuned!

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