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The Finn Mystery: GARD Sold Him Twice

As I’ve mentioned before Finn has severe behavioral issues that, despite some improvement, require serious daily intervention and constant work to manage.

My friend and I have wondered exactly what happened to that little dog to result in such severe impairment. Though we haven’t found any hard data that explains the genesis of his issues, we have located hard evidence that GARD sold Finn, aka “Kiba,” at least once prior to our purchasing him in June. I found this bit of data buried in the records GARD provided GDOA last summer. You can download an Excel version of the PDF file here.

Based on GARD’s own data, they sold Finn the first time on February 8, 2020. Apparently the first purchaser returned him to GARD two weeks later. Makes sense given his issues and the fact that most people are completely unequipped to handle a dog with his problems. I’ll wager a lot that first purchaser had no idea Finn was so behaviorally damaged and in light of that fact, the purchaser had no choice but to return him to GARD’s cesspool.

We were not told that he’d been sold once before and returned. Finn is fortunate we were next in line for him. I hate to imagine what would’ve become of him with anyone else.

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