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42% of GARD’s Dogs are Unaltered

I converted the PDF reports GARD submitted to the GDOA in August 2020 into Excel to make the data easier to review. While going through it, I found 32 of the 78 dogs on GARD’s property are listed as intact, as in not spayed or neutered. I didn’t include the Wayne County dogs in the analysis since by law Bohannon couldn’t alter those dogs without court approval. Never let it be said I fail to give GARD the benefit of the doubt.

A few of those unaltered dogs have been on the property more than a year and almost all have been on GARD’s property at least three weeks. Three of the 32 dogs (green rows) are listed as gender “unknown.”

A downloadable copy may be found here.


  • 1. How can you NOT know the genders of dogs on your property?
    2. Why haven’t these dogs been altered?
    3. How does GARD prevent these unaltered dogs from breeding?
  • I suspect GARD used a PDF format to prevent close scrutiny of their data. Bet Bohannon doesn’t know about Adobe Cloud Aps. ๐Ÿ˜€

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