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Compare & Contrast

This is the unvetted, sick, unaltered, matted to the skin, male-but-actually-female dog for which my friend paid $100 in June 2020, and which was in GARD’s possession for more than five months.

The same dog yesterday.

Anyone care to explain why GARD’s grossly negligent, borderline cruel neglect of this dog isn’t important?

During lunch today we agreed Bohannon isn’t going to come near us because to acknowledge us is to acknowledge this dog. Bohannon will not acknowledge this dog’s existence if she can possibly avoid it.

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  • Bo Fisher

    Hard to believe any rescue would withhold vetting for a dog in their possession for 5 months, much less a sick one. Not all rescues are perfect, but to adopt out a sick, unaltered dog, that they thought was a boy, but is actually a girl is mind boggling. I have seen many post, & documents with G.A.R.D. stating ALL dogs are vetted, spayed, or neutered prior to adoption. Guess this just blew that out of the water!

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