Georgia Animal Rescue & Defence Inc

Patience: the most difficult virtue

Life happens. Loved ones are born, loved ones die. Events have kept me busy.

I’ve not forgotten Bohannon or the cesspool she calls a “rescue.” GARD has been oddly quiet on their own Facebook page. Most of the activity has moved to Love to Live’s Facebook page, where one can find regular announcements of upcoming movement of animals from Love to Live’s Georgia facility also known as GARD.

Lest anyone forget, Love to Live plainly states on its website that it is a “wholly owned subsidiary of Georgia Animal Rescue and Defence, Inc.” Scroll all the way to the bottom. They attempt to hide it with grey text on black background at the very end of the page but it’s there.

Meanwhile, the IRS has yet to upload GARD’s 2020 990. I wonder if it’s the ‘Rona delaying the upload or a corrected 990 awaiting processing.

Federal and state officials have all the evidence I’ve collected, of which a fraction has been made public here. Short of that, as well as continuing to watch and collect evidence, I’ve done what I can do.

Patience is the most difficult virtue to practice.

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