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Come and Get Me!

Of all the ludicrous posts I saw earlier today, this one takes the honors for complete and utter bovine excrement.

“We let her know she’d violated our legally binding contract and we wanted our dog back or she would be hearing from our attorney.”

Guess what? Finn is still at my buddy’s house. He simply isn’t capable of living anywhere else and I wouldn’t subject him to the setbacks removing him from my friend’s care would cause. I am willingly and knowingly breaking GARD’s “legally binding contract.”

Joy Bohannon must know who I am by now but she won’t dare come near me. She can’t admit I exist, much less that my buddy and the dogs we rescued from GARD exist. She risks total exposure if she even acknowledges us and she knows it.

Joy and her cronies use the complete nonsense in this post and many others as a smokescreen of legitimacy behind which to hide. I seriously doubt this entire tale and I know for a fact GARD couldn’t care less about the physical condition of any animal anywhere. I’ve been on GARD’s hideous property, purchased filthy, matted, behaviorally damaged dogs from Joy Bohannon and know precisely the nightmare over which she presides solely for profit.

Exhibit A: Finn

Exhibit B: My buddy’s GARD Pomeranian


Exhibit C: The Georgia Department of Agriculture’s Photographs

There’s plenty more where that came from.

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