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GARD Forgets, I Don’t

I’ve been busy with life and allowing my buddy to keep an eye on GARD’s shenanigans for me. She sent me the post below and I sprained all ten eyeball ligaments with the eyeroll.

A very short trip down memory lane. One day between January 14th and January 20th of 2020 GARD transported dogs stuffed like cordwood in wire cages on both a flatbed trailer and the open bed of a truck 80 miles ± 5 miles from the dogs’ origin to GARD’s property at 100 Dichoric Drive in Pembroke GA.

With GARD’s assessment of the supposed “breeder’s” irresponsibility they condemn themselves as twice as irresponsible. And don’t hold your breath waiting for Joy Bohannon to “report” this “breeder,” assuming the pups came from an outside source to begin with. Joy Bohannon depends on breeders for high-dollar dogs to resell and I have plenty of evidence that Joy Bohannon herself, along with Amy Carter Clark, also breed dogs, both purebred and mixed breeds, to sell through GARD and other venues.

Someone really ought to get those people a clue. On the other hand, it’s so easy when they’re so blatantly hypocritical. I don’t even have to try anymore.

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