Beware Georgia Animal Rescue & Defence

Are you considering purchasing an animal from Georgia Animal Rescue and Defence, Inc or its affiliates Love to Live Animal Rescue, Furever Luv and Luv Furever? Reconsider.

  1. GARD was founded and is run by a woman convicted of seven New Jersey animal welfare violations on February 10, 2014. Joy Bohannon was found guilty of:

    a. Failing to remove excreta,
    b. Failing to frequently clean animal enclosures,
    c. Failing to observe animals for disease,
    d. Improper holding and receiving of animals,
    e. Non-compliance with inspection and construction of facility,
    f. Failing to obtain approval by health authority, and
    g. Failing to provide documents, a record of animals retrieved and their disposition

    On May 23, 2012 Bohannon was also found guilty in Bucks County, Pennsylvania of dealing dogs as an out of state dealer and failure to have mandated health certificates for the animals.

  1. Georgia Animal Rescue & Defence Inc has been cited with four serious violations of the Georgia Animal Welfare Act:
    a. Drainage
    b. Housekeeping
    c. Structural Strength, and
    d. Sanitation

    Doesn’t sound too bad? Take a look at these photos from the Georgia Department of Agriculture investigation:
  1. Georgia Animal Rescue & Defence Inc/Love to Live Animal Rescue doesn’t even attempt to sell reasonably healthy animals.They admit they cannot effectively de-worm dogs, nor can they eliminate external parasites. The dogs coming out of Georgia are not on heart worm preventatives, so the odds of unknowingly purchasing a heart worm positive dog are much higher than dogs from legitimate rescues. More than one person has spent thousands on veterinary bills within hours of purchasing the dog from GARD.
  1. GARD’s “contract” plainly states the animals they sell should not be expected to be minimally vetted, much less reasonably healthy and free of all easily eradicated internal/external parasites and diseases.

    Contract section 4: “Adopter understands and acknowledges that GARD has no liability for the current or future health and/or temperament. Adopter understands and acknowledges that any information that GARD may have on the Adopted Pet may be based solely on what GARD has observed since Adopted Pet has been in the possession of GARD. GARD is not liable for anything relating to Adopted Pet after this contract is executed and possession of Adopted Pet is transferred to Adopter.


    GARD hereby advises that The Adopter should have Adopted Pet examined by a licensed veterinarian as soon as practicable after the Date of Possession to ascertain Adopted Pet’s health and condition. If Adopter chooses to not have Adopted Pet seen by a licensed vet, then, Adopter shall do so at their own risk. This failure to have a veterinarian examination shall constitute an admission by Adopter that Adopted Pet is perfectly healthy at the adoption.

  1. GARD’s facilities are horrendous. Don’t take my word for it. Have a look at the State of Georgia’s own photographs and overhead video of the place. Is this how you expect a “rescue” to treat the animals it supposedly “saves?”

  2. Your money is not going to a good cause. The animals are in the same or worse physical shape when they leave GARD than when they arrived. And that doesn’t begin to address what happens to the animals while at GARD, examples of which I have plenty of evidence.

  3. GARD sells dogs to pet stores. No legitimate animal rescue sells dogs to pet stores.

  4. GARD is not licensed by the United States Department of Agriculture’s APHIS division as required by law. That might change at some point. GARD has been reported for the violation but as of 11/17/2020, GARD has been operating in violation of the Animal Welfare Act since at least 2013 and probably earlier.

  5. If you live in the northeastern US and purchase a dog from GARD, you are forcing that dog to endure 12-20 hours in a cargo van stuffed with up to 30 other animals, often in pain from spay/neuter surgery the previous day. The animals receive no pain medication during the trip and some suffer complications due to the crowded, unsanitary conditions. Why do that to a dog or cat?

Plenty of legitimate animal rescues local to you offer dogs and cats in need of good homes. Spare yourself the expense and emotional pain while putting an end to GARD’s obscenely inhumane money-making operation. Give your money to a real animal rescue.